The Video Process

     Right now we all have Corel Video Studio. We have a template for it; here are some tools


    Brick wall bg

    Music for Template

    Font for Template

    censor beep

    When you create the video, start by making sure the date is correct.

    Getting Video: Some sites are easy to get videos from by downloading them, most notably Youtube, and Facebook. We need to get at least 3-5 videos on NDN a day. 3 is good, 5 is better. There are two kinds of videos.

    I'll also try to get video links with basic instructions for you on the Videos project. The actual videos will be tasks within the project

    1. Videos that are ready to go. Videos that are self evident, and can't really be improved upon. 

    2. Videos that need a little touching up. A lot of them will fit into this process, which is basically making the videos our own. A good example is the  hillary one where she just says 'no' I took some video of A-Rod and Lance Armstrong being asked about steroids where they did basically the same thing and juxtaposed them with Hillary doing her 'No' interview.

    These videos are usually 30-60 seconds in length, we want them quick and to the point. Most of the videos you can find will need cut down.

    If you get a video from a task, type your name in the comments section. This will be extremely helpful.

    Start by going to real clear politics. See what they have. We want at least a few (3) political oriented ones. Then try places like TMZ- Celebrities talking about politics are very good, because people love or hate these celebrities. Either way, they will watch. We also want feel good videos. Look at reddit and youube for some of these. Also, if you're just surfing Facebook, you can get videos from here. Seriously, great sources, so just keep an eye out while you're there.

    If you find tons and tons of them, hang on to them; we can release them later if they are more timeless.


    Uploading Video

    We upload video to Youtube now. We'll also use onedrive to create a shared link for Facebook/Twitter. Here is an example of the taxonomy for the youtbe videos.

    Title: Trump says he'll win and expand Republican base

    Narrative: Donald Trump believes he can do what no other Republican has done since Reagan, and that is expand the Republican base. Trump says not only will he beat Hillary or Bernie, but he will bring in more states. It's being suggested that Trump is doing well with blacks, evangelicals, and even getting a few Democrats to take notice. What do you think? Is Trump the best candidate to expand the base. Or should Republicans find a bona fide Conservative like Cruz to do its bidding?

    Taxonomy: Donald Trump, Donald, Trump, The Donald, president, businessman, business, mogul, billionaire, Election, Election of 2016, Republican, Muslim, Christian, religion, immigration, illegal, controversial, New York, NYC, yankee, Big Apple, Manhattan, Trump Plaza, builder, unions, government, city, golf, courses, Make America Great, slogan, hair, SNL, media, Leftists, Independent, Third Party, 3rd-Party, candidate, debate, Cruz, Fiorina, Paul, Bush, establishment, bankruptcy, bankrupt, You're Fired, Celebrity Apprentice, Apprentice, NBC, TV, sue, lawsuit, legal, eligibility

    After you get the video uploaded, you need to get them to

    Kevin, (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

    Ethan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

    and Robbin. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

    Include in the email everything above, but include the embed code, and a one drive link.


    Put the name, title, story, picture and a TEASER into an email. We'll do the rest

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