Atheism should not have had weapons- funny that the left loves to say that people are being radicalized. find videos of people saying people are being radicalized in america.

    they're implying that people come here and get radicalized. How many mass shootings and school shootings

    chuck schumer in 1990 introduced diversity visa
    bo with refugee resttlement
    overlap with the major shootings

    muslim attack in america since 2000


    do that flow chart video

    they also say it's always right wing christians- it's bs and needs to becorrected.

    The left- radicalizing the world since found of dem party. list kkk, etc

    The left- radicalizing america since found of dem party. list isis/antifa/ows/blm

    donna brazile is being thrown under the bus as well


    black people voting for democrat? virginia. sounds like bs

    dems lying

    all things are being done because of islam.

    what did it cost for the added security. marathon in boston and nyc

    also airports, etc.

    Antifa tie in to shooting? Denied weapon atheist

    Anyone that attacks a church is a leftist.

    It's always a leftist

    the biggest mass murderers are done by muslims.

    look up Kevin's tweets

    You leftisits are the reason we have a terrorism problems and are bringing in terror

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