who was manafort working for - podesta

    mueller is just protecting his butt

    there's eoungh info to get hills

    indicting manafort is the equivalent of arresting a street level crack dealer and pretending you've made a dent on the on drugs


    leftists thought mueller was santa.

    he nfl, you can bet you were NOT missed on Sunday- show pic of world series score

    no corey feldman

    kevin spacey came out

    nfl ratings were down

    and in news this week nfl down again

    shot of dodgers staium vs empty nfl stadium

    ghost town oldwest - NFL sunday night football pic- are you ready for some football?

    over the weekend hosting fox and freinds

    hammering down on the clintons- brringing down obama

    chrimincling all the people that are getting outed in hollywoood

    so to say that weinsteing spacey everyone already knows this. the secret is that it's not even a secret.

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