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    how do we monetize youtube live and facebook live?

    joy ried frederica wilson

    I believe LOTS will break in Hollywood. So be on alert for these stories. They will be releaing names
    Uranium One will be a HOT story this week and for the next month, depending on how the news breaks
    The NFL will continue its decline

    Potential memes
    Since when have black Leftist cared about Africa? Now suddenly they care about Niger
    Remember "Bring back our girls?" What did black Leftists actual do to make it happen? Wearing red every Wednesday.
    What did Obama do to "bring back our girls"?
    Joy Reid: The new Al Sharpton of MSNBC
    As outraged as you might be about Harvey Weinstein spending a week in rehab, consider that week is one week more than Bill Clinton spent.

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