flags kneeling
    everything needs to be about nfl

    for ordinary black people- here's you're reason
    if you can't satify balck multi millionaires, why why would you hire a normal black man.

    in almost every case it's resisting arrest or going for the cops gun

    if someone tries for my weapon, I'll shoot them too.

    montage of police encounters with black people that didn't end in death

    dallas cowboys didn't get allowed to wear the pro police stuff show patch
    contrast with kapernicks sock

    nfl as it relates to employmen, fake narraticves, police support, lives

    condeleeza if you talk bitterness you we'll believe you're a victim

    this sunday had a great time boycotting the nfl, started the 2015 series of pickers, or cutthorat kitchen, reruns of lawrence welk

    I watched the taransgended rugby from australia

    I watch lgbt blowling- something that leftist - I found something else leftist to watch.

    drag queen bowling

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