maze starts here. no matter where you start, you might have russia, arwan.
    no matter where you go everything leads to the democrats.
    coonect all the dots and it speells democrats.

    Pelosi said she's a master legislator. - put a pic of of her with black people "master" legilator

    black caucus

    needs to be fast

    leakers taking a leak change the head of a guy at the urinal and change to comey.

    michelle- publlic service

    lk rowling made up about trump
    she watched an edited video about him

    Why does she thiknk she's relvant? She writes about wizards.
    Yeah, that makes her commentary relevant...
    And why is she so worried about American politics? I don't care about Australia.
    Didn't we kick the UK's asses?

    ESPN Kapernick hurt their reatings. We want to show that we're sick of them- havbe they learned their lesson?
    Kapernic want's to go to baltimore- Kaperneick play football for food.

    have roots my name is kunta kinte. with Kapernick on Levar Burton''s body
    Dems' announced John Delaney. TBS has an article. He doesn't look like a democrat per say. Middle aged white guy.

    package of white bead with Delaney's face.

    Generic version dem lite

    Put trump on a sauce that's awesome sauce and delaneys is generic

    summer of resistance. We call ours the summer of butt kicking.

    show all the companies coming on board.
    the unemployment shrinking

    all the people fired from va

    thank you sir may I please have another- trump hitting, dems recieving

    bear in the woods

    guitierrez got arressted. To him to criminals that rape a 65 yo woman. I Guiterrez world, this guy sin't a even a criminal

    show the the dreamers doing crimes and put keep dreaming. Dream on everytime one of these incident's happen. Masybe video.

    find the kevin -schuster one

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