boomerang at trump putin, etc. go ahead throw it.
    show all the ways that this is going to backfire.
    putin bullet. horsehoe shaped barrel
    trump is a skeet horseshoe shaped
    it's going to backfire.
    mirror, mirror
    bread crumbs mueller podesta, all the links , uraniaum, etc. someone is drinking vodka next to trumpa nd mueller "aha"

    inside the beltways chants of russia russia
    outide jobs.

    donald jr had he bleach bitted it, what would they say.

    imagine trump standing before press and they have black eyes- now that this russia store is ended, lets get back to business. Dem marched to jail.

    logos of cnn,mmsnbc, in pile trump "any more questions about russia?"

    Trump isn't nervous aabout russia. SCRUM from media.is russia. Then Trump not concerned as all. smoking jacket, etc.

    find pic where he's chilling.
    "Does this like a guy who's worried about russian investigation"

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