summer of resitiance dems in siberia
    tim ruan called the dems toxic.

    Show Schumer and hillary, etc. Drinking Obama's Toxin

    Hillary schumer erc toxins. Pick your poison ideas. obamas mixing these poison drinks
    or just poinons. obama elixir dem elixir empoerment- obama's urine.
    Fake racial identity, white privelage, safe spaces, trigger warning, climate change, illegal immigration, refugeee resettlement, russian hacking, etc.

    Drinking themselves to death because they have no ideas. But they happily drink it. Toxin reserve

    Chuck- Trump is already creating tjobs.
    find the video clip of schumer

    vido martina adam german lady injecting herself with melanin do a before and after. Dolezal pales in comparison. This is what liberalism gets people to do. Do a proofile of these black people. John Coneyurs.
    Should we ask for DNA on these black people. find light skinned blaack outspoken blacks.

    do a apetition to get dna tests. Remind kevin

    Colroize bernie sanders. scandal with layewer Better call saul on Bernie.
    Bernie doing undercover Capitalist trying to get into socialism. Selling Socialism but he's a really bad salemen. This would be a good radio bit.

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