comey seems to be everywhere

    other ideas with comey
    Hillary clinton walking comey
    prid parade type
    mueller presented as not the good guy
    trumps tweet we need to lets help donald trump get a new name for comey
    that video living color
    chris lasko superimposed hitler
    we do wayans and comey
    lookk at some of the chomey the clowns figure out which ones.
    do three

    we need to do trumps dirty

    Lynch is in trouble

    trump is vidndicated

    molotov cocktail in paris.

    dc terror attack - two black dudes hit bike cops BLM?

    the left is ready to eat it's own

    Dems threatening to primary other dems in NY for Tump policies

    The base wants it all- the party wants to win. Read Article

    blm is getting even with the gays for what Obama gave the gays

    Comey deleted the memo- took copious ntes on trump when he wasn't under investigation, but nobody took notes on Hulliary's high profile investagation

    video comey asked hillary investigation

    Trump should give recordings after he gives hillarys

    matter? Inquiry- not called an investigation. In our parlance it's called an investigation. Then lynch said to call it a matter. find vido of lynch saying matter

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