top 5 of the week-  We're going to start doing a weekly top five list. Maybe more. Chris Horne will be using somethign called Taboula  Top 5 Memes of the stupid things. At the end will be "for the videos click here." have the links at the end.  of the memes. 800 x 600 jpg  

     We'll put them at http://kjmediateam.com/projects-page/topfivelists weekly, with Story, image and video embed codes.

    Some of the examples will be the top five"

    • stupid quotesfrom celebrities
    • stupid quotes from politicians
    • anything else we can come up with.

    Chris Horne will get these at the end of the week.

    If we use youtube, make sure it's monetized.

    youtube as well as rumble. Make sure they are monetized.

    We will build a facebook page that's strictly Videos. Video- the politics of stupid (a future thing)

    I'll be making actual schedules for these.

    Kevin will be in Paris the 28th, as he was invited by the Iranian resistance

    video we need to put tags in all images and videos

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