Kevin's new show



    Examples of black kids doing good things

    a tie in to the breakdown of the family and violence. 

    a tie in to government programs and the breakdown of the family

    reintroducing great moments in democrat racist history.

    humorous things. Butt balm, blacksphere in the park

    being able to fight



     Craziest accidents

    Sci-fi like The Walking Dead

    Superhero type stuff – The Flash, Agents of Shield, Arrow Doctor’s show –

    medical news Bloopers

    Interviews of people on the street to show how uninformed the public is with politics

    Political satire Facebook –

    Greatest Moments in Libtard History

    -Corruption in the Congressional Black Caucus
    -Black Monopoly on Victimhood
    -Black Lives Matter vs LGBT, The Battle Over Victimhood
    -Fast Food Fights & Flash Mobs, Perpetuating the Stereotype
    -America's Next "Messiah"Idol Worship from the Left
    (John Edwards, John Kerry, Anthony Weiner, Barack Obama...Who's Next?)
    -Muslim radicalization in US 
       Dearborn, MI. 
       Islamberg & other Islamic Paramilitary training Grounds in US
    -Spotlight on US Ingenuity



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